The Oklahoma Native Language Association is a Native run and Native led organization whose main goal is to support and promote the Indian languages of Oklahoma’s tribes. ONLA provides training and support for indigenous language teachers, advocates and supporters at the conference held annually in October and at events held by request throughout the year. If you would like to request a seminar or training event, please contact us.

The Oklahoma Native Language Association was formed in 1994 to:

  • Preserve, promote, and enhance the use of Indian languages of Oklahoma tribes.
  • Promote, encourage, and enhance activities for the young and elderly that are the past and future of Native languages.
  • To work with and encourage others to address the needs and concerns of the Native languages.
  • To recognize those who have shown great commitment to the continuance of the Native tongue, and
  • To discuss techniques and technology for learning and teaching Native languages.

The Oklahoma Native Language Association serves members in Oklahoma and surrounding states and welcomes friends and advocates of Native languages to participate in the annual meeting, workshops, and other ONLA events.

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